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Judi Goodwin Workshops – Women Mean Business!

Judi Goodwin Workshops – Women Mean Business!

For anyone running their own business, working on your own can be lonely. Judi should know as she’s been self-employed since she was made redundant at the tender age of 23. She’s experienced many of the problems that at times can seem unsurmountable. That’s why she’s starting a self-help support group for women who work for themselves. And it’s open to career women in employment too.

The group will meet once a fortnight to share ideas, find support and encouragement, and to share contacts and resources. You’ll be offered the chance to air current challenges, and members will run the group themselves.

Whether you’re an artist or an accountant, a farmer or a fashion designer, a scientist, a solicitor or a plumber, all will be welcome.

If you would like to know more, give Judi a call on 07799 644 000 with your questions or drop her an e-mail to judi@judigoodwintraining.com